What’s Inside:

  • Arabica Coffee Beans

    Coffee beans are naturally full of powerful immune supporting antioxidants and a natural energy source of something Americans can’t live without, Caffeine.

  • Green Tea Extract

    Green Tea Extract - Is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known. EGCG, Polyphenols, and rich in Catechins.

  • Green Tea Beans

    Green Coffee Beans are rich in an acid called Chlorogenic 50%. Known to help burn fat and increase metabolism for increased fat burning. This powerful bean is full of antioxidants and natures bounty.

  • L-carnitine

    Since L-carnitine has a vital role in the metabolism of lipids, this critical compound may help people lose weight.

  • Super CitriMax®

    A patented 100% natural non-stimulating extract of Garcinia Cambogia. Clinically proven to aid in weight loss assisting the body with appetite control, calorie & fat reduction, and increased fat burning by up to 50%.*

  • ChromeMate®

    A patented mineral complex combining the amazing benefits of chromium and niacin together. Shown to be 18X more effective than other chromium complexes. It works to reduce appetite, support healthy insulin & cholesterol levels, and helps control insulin resistance & blood sugar spikes.*